Toronto Off the Beaten Path

toronto skyline and water front

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is Canada’s largest city and the fourth-largest city in North America. It serves as the financial and global hub of Canada’s thriving business scene. It’s home to people from around the globe, and while residents speak over 200 languages in Toronto, English is the predominant language. Located on Lake Ontario, […]


Tokyo’s Best Little Ramen House

chuka soba inoue tokyo japan PS feature

What do I know about Tokyo’s best little ramen house? Back in 2003, I lived in Tokyo for the summer and one thing I did all the time was eating ramen. This ramen was unlike any I’d had in the states. Often, I found myself dreaming about it ever since I left the country. Fast forward 10+ years, I […]

Travel Tips

How to Afford Long-Haul Travel on a Short-Haul Budget

London Bridge - Travel with Mia

If you’re dreaming of traveling overseas but don’t think you can afford it, you’ve landed in the right place (see what I did there?)! Some people think it’s less expensive to vacation right here in the states but that isn’t always true. Depending on your destination (Disney World, New York City, Los Angeles, etc) you […]


No1 Lounge London Heathrow Review

No 1 Lounge London Heathrow - Travel with Mia - Bar

Lately, I’ve been jumping on the airport lounge bandwagon. I’ve visited a few, in different countries and it’s safe to say, I’m hooked. Getting away from large crowds, having free food and drinks, and enjoying a more relaxing atmosphere is worth the price.  No1 Lounge London Heathrow Review Recently, I had a 6-hour layover at […]


Luxury Couple’s Getaway in Thailand

Travel with Mia - Feature - Luxury Couple's Getaway in Thailand

I don’t normally write about luxury vacations because I like to “see more and spend less”. However, sometimes, I want to splurge a little and be pampered a lot. I want a fancy vacation where I can sip champagne, relax by the pool, and have a daily massage. I’m thinking a luxury couple’s getaway in […]