Welcome to Travel with Mia! I’m Mia, a writer, traveler, eater, and drinker who enjoys traveling the world to find the best deals. In a former life, I worked as a Public Relations Account Manager as well as a Social Media Analyst. During that time, I also earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. After working 50 hour weeks and studying 3+ hours a day, I decided that I could use a break from the corporate world. So, I decided to return to my previous career as a flight attendant and I began flying – again – in 2014. Coincidentally, that’s when I started my blog!

Travel with Mia Bathtub

Now, I hop on a plane for work and play and travel around the world! Some of my favorite destinations include Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Austria, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. I would love to visit every country – and one day it might happen – but I’m not on time crunch. For now, I’m leisurely checking off my list of places to go, one by one.

About the Blog:

In the beginning, I told stories about traveling around the world. However, that was short-lived because I wanted to use my blog to help other people travel and tell their own stories. So, now I offer money-saving tips, travel advice, city guides, and trustworthy reviews. Basically, I give you everything you need to become economical travelers so you can see more and spend less!

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