Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt Review

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt - Travel with Mia - Sign

The Lufthansa Business Class lounge Frankfurt in Terminal 1, departing area B, near gates B24 – B28 is where I spent my layover. I booked my business class ticket using miles accrued from my Miles & More Mastercard and from past ticket purchases. I found this lounge by looking on Lufthansa’s website and I learned there are 14 Lufthansa lounges in the Frankfurt airport. However, they all have restrictions so you need to find out which one you can enter with your ticket. Keep reading to learn more about this particular lounge.



You must have one of these qualifying tickets/cards to enter the Lufthansa Business Lounge (3):

  • First Class boarding pass for an arriving/departing LH/LX flight on the same day
  • First Class Star Alliance boarding pass for a same-day departing flight
  • HON Circle Member Card and boarding pass for a same-day arriving/departing Lufthansa / Star Alliance / Codeshare partner* flight
  • Senator Card and Lufthansa / Star Alliance / Codeshare partner* boarding pass for a same-day arriving/departing flight
  • Star Alliance Gold Card and Lufthansa / Star Alliance boarding pass for a same-day departing flight
  • Business Class boarding pass for same-day Lufthansa / Star Alliance departing flight
  • Valid voucher and Premium Economy boarding pass of a departing Lufthansa flight on the same day (5)
  • Valid Frequent Traveller Card and Lufthansa / Star Alliance / Codeshare partner* boarding pass for a same-day departing flight

For more detailed information on access to the lounge, check out Lufthansa’s website.


Terminal 1 Business Lounge in departure area B, near B24 – B28. As I mentioned above, there are 14 Lufthansa lounges in the Frankfurt airport so make sure you know which one you can visit. I would recommend using the lounge closest to your departure gate, not your arrival gate. It’s easy to lose track of time and you don’t want to be too far away. My layover in Frankfurt was just over 2 hours and I was lucky enough to leave out of gate B25 so I stayed in the lounge right up until boarding.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt - Travel with Mia - Entrance


The lounge is laid out in a circular pattern and it’s quite large. This photo only represents one section. If you look at the featured photo, when you walk past the Lufthansa sign that points to the toilets and showers, you’ll find the rest of the lounge. I was impressed with the size as there was plenty of room to spread out and not be on top of the other passengers. There are different sections such as the business center with computers and charging stations, several areas with comfy chairs and TVs, and the dining room with tables and chairs.  You have plenty of options in this spacious lounge.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt - Travel with Mia - Dining Room

  • Non-smoking Lounge
  • Restrooms & Showers
  • Relaxing Room
  • Office Units & Copy Machine
  • Wireless Network & TV
  • International/German Magazines and Newspapers

While the lounge offers hot and cold food options, I didn’t find the selection to be very big. However, I wasn’t that hungry because I had breakfast on my flight from Prague to Frankfurt. It’s possible that I didn’t pay enough attention to the food that was available. Either way, I was satisfied with what I had and I was impressed by the selection of drinks. They had everything from top shelf spirits for cocktails and beer on tap to craft lemonade and fancy coffees. Below is my sad attempt at trying out the food. Honestly, I was too stuffed to even eat any of it. I did drink loads of coffee, a glass of OJ, and a glass of lavender pear lemonade.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt - Travel with Mia - Breakfast

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt - Travel with Mia - Lemonade

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt - Travel with Mia - Buffet

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt - Travel with Mia - Buffet 2

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt - Travel with Mia - Drinks
Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt - Travel with Mia - Spirits

Getting away from the crowds of people in the terminal is worth the ticket price, alone. It was nice to have access to showers, TV’s, food, and drink.  Sitting at the gate and waiting for your flight can get expensive if you’re there for a long time. 


There really wasn’t anything bad, I just wish there had been more hot food (even though I wasn’t hungry). There was plenty of food but I’ve seen a few other lounges and they had more of a buffet with tons of options. 


Overall, I enjoyed the lounge and I would go back in a heartbeat. No matter what they offer, it’s a nice place to relax and freshen up. It’s worth the money!

  • Download the Lufthansa App so you can get updates about your flight like gate changes and when boarding starts.
  • If you’re going to shower, sign up and do that first so you can settle in and you don’t have to worry about running out of time if the sign-up sheet is long.
  • Take advantage of the food and drinks. Yes, you’ll get a meal on your flight even if it’s short-haul but there’s nothing better than sitting at a table and enjoying a hot meal. So, eat!
  • Charge your phone. There are U.S. 110 volt plugs next to the EU plugs so charge it up.
  • If you need to get some work done, use the business center computers. They have printers too.
  • Enjoy yourself. Don’t be afraid to use all of the amenities – you paid for it!

LUFTHANSABUSINESS CLASS LOUNGE FRANKFURT - TRAVEL WITH MIA - PINTEREST 2Have you been to the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt? How was your experience? Have you used other lounges? Which ones? How was your experience? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Reply

    That looks and sounds like an amazing way to spend a layover – especially with all that food. Better than regular airport food! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  2. Reply

    This lounge looks very enticing! For me, having access to the shower alone is worth the price for lounge access. Sitting in crowded airports is no fun, this looks like the perfect spot to settle in and plug in. I like that there is a printer too, very convenient. As you pointed out, if you have a long layover at an airport, it can get expensive anyway! Thanks for sharing this detailed review.

    • amit
    • September 10, 2017

    I haven’t flown with Lufthansa before but friends of mine use it on a regular basis (not business class though haha) I will pass this onto them if they ever chose to fly business class in the future. Glad you overall had a good experience of it.

  3. Reply

    Great shots of the Business Class lounge. The last time I was there it was packed, wall to wall people so I couldn’t get any shots. Well, technically I could but I try not to take photos that include people. Since I was flying in First the last time I fly into Frankfurt, I also got to use the First Class lounge. That was amazing!

  4. Reply

    Great review and short of Lufthansa’s business class lounge in Frankfurt. My problem with business lounges is that I don’t want fly after settling in with the food and drink in the lounge. Pity the selection wasn’t that big when you were there. But I can’t help to notice the German precision in the layout!

    • Elena
    • September 12, 2017

    Last year, I flew with Lufthansa and used this lounge during a layover. I agree with your assessment that you listed in “the bad” section – there was nothing special about this lounge. It was neither good nor bad; just another unremarkable spot to spend hours in relative comfort. During my layover, the airport itself was not particularly crowded. So, if not for the lounge been a free perk that comes with a business class ticket, it might not worth trouble going there in case of short layover.

  5. Reply

    The place looks amazing for a lounge. With all that food, it would definetly be a great way to spend time and enjoy a layover especially. Hope I get to try this someday!

  6. Reply

    Great review and amazing lounge. Reminds me of my lounge experience in Tokyo at United. Nice selection of drinks – lavender pear tea…sounds delicious and exotic. It’s too bad the food selection was not extensive, though the idea of a hot shower after a long flight seems like bliss. I’ll have to figure out a way to earn enough points and check out the Lufthansa Business Class lounge in Frankfurt.

    • lisa
    • September 14, 2017

    This was a great post everything looks well organized and prepared. We are so lucky that now days we can get spoilt and well treated when we have long layovers.

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