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Let’s face it, vacations can be expensive! Airlines require tickets to be paid up front and hotels ask for hefty deposits to hold rooms and paying that all at once can put a strain on your wallet. So, if you want to pay for your vacation over time, put it on “LAYAWAY”!

Pay For Your Vacation Over Time

Funjet Vacations, an online vacation package planner, offers a “book now, pay later” option for most* of their vacation packages. This payment plan allows the user to choose their flights, hotels, excursions and airport transfers and pay a small* deposit based on the price of the package. (*Some flights, excursions, and transfers do not qualify for the plan – talk to a representative for more information)

Tip #1:

When choosing your flight, look for a “bulk fare.” Many large travel companies purchase blocks of airline tickets to then sell to their customers. Bulk fares, unlike published fares, are usually less expensive and do not have to be paid upfront when you book your package. This fare will lower the cost of your deposit.

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Tip #2:

You can choose to fly into one country and out of another. The best way to get this option is by calling the 800 number and having a representative help you. Don’t forget to ask for BULK FARES! We were able to fly into Venice, Italy and out of Athens, Greece. Once you’ve got your flights covered for the trip, you can then start thinking about everything else. As well as this, planning what you are going to do can make the process a lot less stressful too. But these are things to consider after you’ve booked and paid for your flights. It worked for us because we spent a week in Italy, making our way south from Venice, and then a week in Greece (mostly in Santorini). If you’re wondering how to get from one country to the next, try low-cost, regional carriers in Europe like Easyjet and Ryanair. You can find tickets for 10 euro and up!

Tip #3:

If you’re planning to rent through VRBO or Airbnb, don’t worry, you only need to book 2 nights in a hotel to qualify for the vacation package. I choose the first and last nights of the trip for my hotel stay as I like being closer to the airport. This option will cut down on the cost of your overall package price as well! You could also plan your stay in the resort that you have signed a timeshare with (if any). This might cut down the expenditure that you are planning to pay for the rent. And, if you do not have a timeshare, don’t opt for one after seeing the incentives the salesperson makes. Research the best you can, and then only make a decision. If it is a destination that you might want to travel to again and again, then it could be considered a prudent option. If not, in the long run, you might be searching for best timeshare exit companies to relieve you from it.

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Tip #4:

While you can add excursions into your package I would skip this option. It’s often cheaper to book directly with the company online prior to your vacation. If you include it in the price, it may raise your deposit as it needs to be paid immediately.

Tip #5:

Remember, if you want to add travel insurance (AND YOU DO) it will be charged per person and it will need to be paid along with the deposit. It may seem like a lot but you will qualify for a refund if you need to cancel your vacation.

My Experience

Personally, I’ve booked two vacations through Funjet, our wedding/honeymoon in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and a two week trip to Europe which included flying into Italy and out of Greece. For deposit, we paid no more than $600 for either vacation. We thoroughly enjoyed both vacations and we would use them again in a heartbeat.

Travel with Mia - Wedding - Playa Del Carmen

Go plan your next trip and pay for your vacation over time… NOW!

Have you booked through Funjet or any other travel service that allows you pay over time? Tell me about it in the comments! (Please note: I have NO affiliation with Funjet Vacations. My opinions are my own and based on my personal experience.)

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