Hong Kong: My Favorite Foodie Spots in Kowloon

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On my trip to Hong Kong, earlier this year, the weather wasn’t ideal but that didn’t stop me from eating my way through the city! If you find yourself in HK and you need recommendations on places to eat, look no further.  Here are my top spots on Kowloon to fill your belly.


We found this spot while looking for a place recommended by our hotel but I’m glad we did because the food was incredible. This is a place where the locals hang out and we were the ONLY tourists. The waitress offered us forks and laughed, out loud, when we asked for chopsticks. While we ate, people stared at us and a couple of people took pictures but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our food! Address: G/F 18B Granville Rd,, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

hong kong kowloon yeun kee ps


This was the cutest little cafe with the most delicious treats! I stopped here on multiple occasions on the way back to our hotel. Address: 2A Hart Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

hello kitty cafe hong kong kowloon 2 ps


This was a recommendation from our hotel and our Uber driver who told us lots of locals like this spot as well. However, he didn’t go there because it’s in Kowloon and, according to him, “Hong Kong side better”! At Nanhai No.1, do yourself a favor and order the “fried noodles with crispy rice and shrimp paste (pictured on the right). This is the one dish I would fly back to Hong Kong just to eat!  Address: 30/F, Isquare, 63 Nathan road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.http://www.elite-concepts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/NH1menu.pdf

hong kong kowloon food ps


We went on this walking food tour even though it was  freezing outside. Luckily, we were able to warm up with some snake soup and by the time we ended the tour we were so stuffed that we didn’t even notice the cold! Read all about our Eating Adventures! Address: Various locations.

eating adventures hong kong kowloon ps


We went to this bar/restaurant on my 40th birthday and it was the perfect spot for drinks, dinner and the best views around Hong Kong. The prices are astronomical but that’s to be expected from The Ritz-Carlton.  Prices aside, we had an incredible evening of drinking and dancing so if you’re counting pennies just stop by for a drink AFTER you have dinner elsewhere. Address: International Commerce Ctr. 1 Austin Road West. Hong Kong.

ozone hong kong kowloon ps

Favorite Foodie Spots in Hong Kong jpeg (Pin for later!)

Have you been to any of my favorite spots in Kowloon? What are your favorite spots in Hong Kong – Kowloon or Hong Kong Island?  Tell me about it in the comments!



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  1. Reply

    The food looks amazing! In a local place asking for forks instead of chopsticks- that is just like me- I never learnt how to use them correctly.

    1. Reply

      Haha, she laughed because we asked for chopstix! We’re both pretty good with chopstix but I guess she assumed that we didn’t know how to use them. 🙂

    • Chrysoula
    • October 8, 2016

    Great recommendations. Usually the places that locals go are the best places to eat!

    1. Reply

      Thanks, Chrysoula, that’s my philosophy!

  2. Reply

    The Hello Kitty spot is cute. Should have been a disclamier because I could use some food right now.

    • anna
    • October 9, 2016

    Thanks for these tips!! Will keep this in mind next time I visit my sister who lives in HK!

  3. Reply

    Sounds like Hong Kong has some fabulous food spots! Eating Adventures sounds interesting – any bugs consumed on that walking tour?? :D! I swear every food tour that includes the word “adventure” always includes bugs lol

  4. Reply

    You got my attention with the first photo. Hong Kong’s local restaurants dish up delicious food at amazingly cheap prices. You can have a meal for $5 and leave satisfied.

  5. Reply

    mmm all the food looks delicious its funny but I never used to like rice or noodles until I visited china and hong kong last year and now I cant get enough of them. I am actually drooling now over your photos Im so hungry!!!!

  6. Reply

    I have eaten at many restaurants called Kowloon in different parts of the world (yes, I love Chinese food). So, it would definitely be my dream to eat my way around Kowloon in Hong Kong. Everything looks amazing!

  7. Reply

    I haven’t been to Kowloon so I really enjoyed your suggestions. Can’t believe there’s a Hello Kitty Cafe! Love to see it for myself.

  8. Reply

    omg a hello kitty cafe?! how did I miss that?! totally a good enough reason to go back haha


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