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Cocktails & Cabanas in Cabo San Lucas

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I’ve been to Mexico plenty of times but this was my first time visiting Cabo San Lucas.  The hubby and I had been working hard for months without a break so we decided to take a short trip.  We flew from LAX to SJD on a Tuesday and returned on Friday.   Day 1 Once […]


6 month Blogiversary!

Happy 6-month Blogiversary to me!  Yeah, I know, in the grand scheme of blogs six months isn’t much but it’s a big milestone for me.  I tend to get these amazing ideas but after a week of “full steam ahead,” I lose motivation and interest.  So, successfully blogging for 6 months is a HUGE deal! […]


International Envy & Random Thoughts

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Every time I pass the international terminal at LAX I get a little sad and I feel something in the pit of my stomach.  The only thing it could possibly be is “international envy.”  Yep, international envy is what I get when I see all those international airlines with their jumbo jets heading off to […]


Italy – Part III: Fountains, Food and Fashion in Rome

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The last stop on our whirlwind Italy tour was Rome.  Ciao Roma!  My fascination with Italy was, honestly, more focused on Rome than any other city in the entire country.  Well, except maybe Capri and Positano but I will get there one day, mark my words! After the McDonald’s fiasco in Florence and a long […]


Travel with Mia, The Blonde Salad & Gary Pepper Girl in Paris

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While visiting Paris last October, my husband and I were enjoying on one of those bus tours I talked about in my Barcelona post!  As we passed Pont Alexandre III and admired its beauty, my husband commented “those women are pretty fancy!”  As I turn to look, I notice the three fancy women are none […]


Italy – Part II: How I failed in Florence

After spending two days in Venice, we planned to take the train to Rome and stop in Florence for the afternoon.  I bought the train tickets online in advance so they were dirt cheap.  Also, I purchased advanced tickets to see the statue of David at the Accademia Gallery.  I didn’t buy tickets to any other […]