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Travel with Mia, The Blonde Salad & Gary Pepper Girl in Paris

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While visiting Paris last October, my husband and I were enjoying on one of those bus tours I talked about in my Barcelona post!  As we passed Pont Alexandre III and admired its beauty, my husband commented “those women are pretty fancy!”  As I turn to look, I notice the three fancy women are none […]


Paris – Keep your travel budget in check with 3 simple steps

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Everyone knows Paris is the city of love and sometimes it’s referred to as the city of lights!  What you may not know is that it’s also the “city most likely to pick your pocket.” Now, let me clarify, I don’t mean the seedy criminals who prey on unsuspecting tourists at every popular location.  I mean the […]


Paris – The Highs and Lows

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In 2003, I traveled to Paris, France for a month and ended up living there for nearly a year.  So, when my husband suggested Paris for our next getaway I was stoked (do people still say that?).  In the weeks leading up to our vacation, I told him stories of all the fun we would […]