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7 Steps To Using An ATM Abroad

7 steps to using an atm abroad

Every day, someone asks how they should go about getting local currency while traveling. Most people think the best way is to exchange money at the bank before leaving home. Others think they should exchange it at the airport in their home country. And the last group thinks they should exchange it at the airport […]


2017 Reader Survey – Enter to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

feature survey

Welcome to the Travel with Mia community! Your feedback and opinions are important to us. Complete this short SURVEY and you might win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Keep reading to find out how. What’s in it for Travel with Mia? As a blogger, I know what I like to write.  However, that’s not as important as […]


5 Insta-Worthy Spots in Dubrovnik

dubrovnik insta PS

Right now, one of the most insta-worthy destinations in the world is Dubrovnik, Croatia! It’s a hot spot for travel lovers and there’s no shortage of Instagram pictures to confirm it. If you look at #Dubrovnik on Instagram, it has over 1M photos! So, if you’re going to Dubrovnik check out my recommendation on places […]


Eating Europe Food Tours: Prague’s Czech Cuisine

prague feature ps

Let’s talk about food tours! If you know me, you know that my favorite thing to do is EAT!! However, choosing a restaurant in a new city or country can be overwhelming. I want authentic, local food in a place that isn’t too touristy but combing through pages of reviews (that may or may not […]


Piknik Dubrovnik: The Ultimate Picnic Experience

piknik dubrovnik croatia ps

With sweeping views, gorgeous beaches, and killer cuisine, Dubrovnik, Croatia is a can’t miss destination. Yes, it can be crowded in the peak season but that’s no reason to miss the “pearl of the Adriatic.” We visited in September, which is the shoulder season and much less crowded than summer – if you’re wondering. At […]


Uber Around The World: The Best & Worst Experiences

uber abroad feature PS

If you think Uber is only popular in North America, you’re WRONG. Uber operates in many countries around the world but that doesn’t mean all Uber locations offer the same customer experience. I’ve, personally, used Uber in several countries and I’ve only had 1 semi-bad experience to speak of. Last year, my husband and I were […]